Your own non-affiliate business

The video below shows you how you can start another type of business.

light bulb brainIt is a different kind of business than we have discussed on this site thus far. It is another way that you can earn money for school. This is a business that you will want to keep up even after you leave college. Once you start it, you will love it! You will not want to stop. But, I will warn you, this will take time. Anything you do will take time. So don’t think of this as an overnight get rich type of business, because it isn’t. Here are some videos that will tell you all about a company called Youngevity. Let me know what you think about these videos.

Video of a business


Here is a link to the site to get some more information about Youngevity. It is an array of vitamins, challenges, and a business all in one. Something you may want to look into if you are committed to being healthy both financially and physically.


Start your Business. Click on the link below to get more information.

youngevity picture of Marilu Henner




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