Ad Viralizer Review

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Name: Ad Viralizer
Price: 0
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Ad Viralizer, Product Overview

Ad Viralizer is an advertising for free leads.  This does not mean that they are good leads. It enables you to view other people’s websites and they get to view advertising

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

• It is free. No upgrades or upsells.
• It can create an endless amount of traffic to your website.
• It uses an URL Cloaker that helps to protect you from scams.
• They have linked programs. Which are also free to join and interlinked.
• You can build downlines in several traffic exchanges.

The Bad:

• The main bad point I see with this is that if you don’t have anyone to click on your link and support your link, you don’t get your website looked at. And if no one sees your website then you don’t get any referrals or traffic.
• You don’t know if the people looking at your site are good prospects or not. It generates traffic if done correctly, but you don’t know if any of that traffic will buy anything from your site.struggling student
• You have to look at 11 seconds worth of other people’s ads or websites.
• You don’t know if any of the sites you are looking at are legit or not. But you don’t have to click on any of the sites unless they interest you.
• It could be annoying to go through and look at the ads that other people have put on the site. But then again, you could put your site on it and click through the ones above you and not watch any of them too.


Ad Viralizer is for anyone looking to increase traffic to their website and does not care what kind of traffic they get. It has its good and bad.traffic

AD VIRALIZER Tools & Training

There is no training, at least none that I have found. So if you don’t know that you have to use something to get the first at least 10 people to look at your site, well, it could be a bust. But then again, you are not paying for anything either. viral expressHow does that saying go? You get what you pay for? That goes true here. I know this because I signed up, and so far, no one has even looked at it. So either everyone has it, or no one cares to use it. It could become annoying, though.


There really is no support for this ad. But then again, what kind of support do you need? Well, I would like to have something that helps you to find where things are on the site. But then again, what do you want for nothing. I did find a quick video which I will share here with you. See link below. It is only 14 seconds long. And it does not really tell you much in the way of it either. But it is a cute video.



This is free. No up-sells, no asking for money. It is totally free, except for your time. There is where the price is. It is not in money but time.balloon free

My Final Opinion of AD VIRALIZER

This is like a free multi-level marketing scheme, only difference is that you are not putting any money into it. So really, it is kind of like free traffic. There are downlines and up lines. No one is putting any money into it so I would not call it a scam. There is absolutely no money being exchanged between you and anyone else. The onlyinternational advertising time that money would be changing hands is if you chose to purchase something from any of the sites that you look at. It is not a bad thing to have if you are starting out. It could be good if you know someone or if you use the banner links. But if you don’t do anything with it, well, it just wastes your time then.

AD VIRALIZER at a Glance…

Name: Ad Viralizerbonus
Owners: Unknown
Price: Free
Overall Scam Rank: 50 out of 100


This is a legit site. However, some of the links that you watch may not be legit. This is really kind of different. For an ad, I would say try it out. Click here to get the link to try it. You won’t lose money with it, that is for sure. So if it does nothing for you, well, you did not lose anything. Legit pic

It is an advertisement after all. Or is it? It may be something to try with your Wealthy Affiliate site. I would like your opinion of this. If you try it out, let me know how you do. Thanks.


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How to Make Money Blogging

blog with pencils

What is a blog?

Before knowing how to make money with a blog, I think we need to know what a blog is first of all.confusing blog

So here is the definition, according to Wikipedia, of what a blog is:

“A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog)[1] is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). Until 2009, blogs were usually the work of a single individual[citation needed], occasionally of a small group, and often covered a single subject. More recently, “multi-author blogs” (MABs) have developed, with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited. MABs from newspapers, other media outlets, universities, think tanks, advocacy groups, and similar institutions account for an increasing quantity of blog traffic. The rise of Twitter and other “microblogging” systems helps integrate MABs and single-author blogs into societal newstreams. A blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.”

And according to a blog is:ideas blog

“a noun 1. a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites. 2. a single entry or post on such a website: She regularly contributes a blog to the magazine’s website.”

Okay, now that tells you what it is. Now, what do you do with a blog?

Logo blog with arrowsSo essentially a blog is a website. Okay, now I did not realize that. Did you? Okay. So I would guess that this website is a blog. Interesting isn’t it? Now that we know that a website is a blog and a blog is a website then we can go ahead and fill in the rest of the gap. Okay, now you are thinking that this old lady is learning something that you already knew, right? So, sometimes it takes me a while to figure someth

ing out.

Next step. Now we need to know how to make money with our blog. Are you ready for that? I know I bundle

When looking up how to make money blogging on the website, you will find that there are many different ways, companies, and sites that give you step by step ways of making money blogging, or making a website. (Wow, I did not realize there were so many different sites, did you?) Anyway, there are sites that teach you how to do it, some that have a 30-day challenge, some that show you what to do, and others that just tell you about it.

Okay, where is the money? I would like to know that myself. So here goes. But first, let’s talk basics.

Seems like you have several things you need to making a good blog. Some of the first steps you probably already know. But I will put them here anyway because there may be someone out there that does not know them. I, being somewhat of a fussy person, likes to know that I have covered all the basis.

First – You need a computer or something to make the blog on and the internet.laptop taking notes

You cannot make a blog or money without a computer or something that will connect to the Internet. But then again, you already know this, am I right? And without the internet, you will not get very far. So this is really a beginner item. You, being in college, probably already know this.

Second – A blog.

successful blog

Yes, you need a blog to make money blogging. (Okay, now I bet you are thinking that this lady has gone nuts. Everyone knows that you need a blog to make money blogging. But there may be someone out there that does not know this.)

Third – Time.

clock with person hanging on one hand

You need time set aside to write your blog. (Again, you are probably thinking Duh! Everyone knows that!)

Fourth – A subject or Niche.  identify your niche

Yes, you need something to talk about. (Okay, now you may be a little frustrated at me for going into the basics like this, but you know some people think that you can fix a computer with a sledgehammer and a screwdriver too!)

Now to the nitty Gritty of making money blogging.

There are several things to make money blogging they include:

  • Creating content
  • Building your brand
  • Promoting your brand
  • Choosing and implementing streams of income (Hey, that’s money!)

Creating content:

Okay this sounds simple, right? Well, let’s see how simple it really is. We need to find something that someone is interested in. So how do you find out what someone is interested in? You ask. Okay. That done. Oh, so you don’t know what to ask? Need some help? Okay. We can do customers

What I do is sit down with a pencil or pen and a piece of paper and laptop taking noteswrite down what I am interested in. Then go to google, bing, or any of the search engines and put each of your interests into the search engine and see if anyone likes them. Or when you are going to that party ask people what they like. Bet you will get a lot of answers there.(I would ask for 2 or 3 from people at a party. Because they may go on and on. And unless you don’t want to get up the next morning, I would limit it to the top 2 or 3 that they have.) You also may want to limit them to things that are not going to get your site banned from the internet too. There is a way that you can go to Facebook and look up interests and see if anyone on Facebook who has your same interests.

Or when you are going to that party ask people what they like. Bet you will get a lot of answers there.(I would ask for 2 or 3 from people at a party. Because they may go on and on. And unless you don’t want to get up the next morning, I would limit it to the top 2 or 3 that they have.) You also may want to limit them to things that are not going to get your site banned from the internet too. There is a way that you can go to Facebook and look up interests and see if anyone on Facebook who has your same interests.

You also may want to limit them to things that are not going to get your site banned from the internet too. There is a way that you can go to Facebook and look up interests and see if anyone on Facebook who has your same interests.

There is a way that you can go to Facebook and look up interests and see if anyone on Facebook who has your same interests.

Pick 4 or 5 of your interests. Sit down and write something about each of them. (I know you have some time in between homework, class, and the party to do this.) Just write a few sentences about each. Nothing dramatic. You can do this, right?

Building and promoting your brand.

These two go together. You have to build rapport with people on the internet. (Yes, there are people out there in the internet land.) They are not all at school. There are other people you know and there are people you don’t know. (Remember when your mom told you not to talk to strangers? Well, forget that now. You are a grown person. You are after all in college.) But do be careful who you talk to.

You cannot sell things to someone if you don’t know people. You cannot get anyone to visit your site if you don’t know people. So we want to know people who know people. Does that make sense?

Choosing and implementing streams of income

You will want to develop a stream of income. Don’t get caught up in trying to do only this, because without the others you really cannot get this. So don’t miss a step.

To be successful you need to consistently find new ways to make money. There are a lot of ways to make money. The different ways can be combined to make each one linked to another. Let me explain.

Display Ads

You can use display ads to promote a hosting site, like this:

This is a banner ad used to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You can use these ads inside your content, on the side of your content, or in the header or footer of your blog.

Private Ads

There are things called Private ads. These I do not recommend. They are getting ads from someone and posting them to your site. It is similar to an ad you take out in a newspaper or something like that. (I really don’t know much about these ads, but what I have read about them, they may give you more money but it may not be worth the time. Something you can look into and let me know your opinion on.)

Sponsored Posts

This is where you work with a company and write something up about their business or a product they have. It could be something as simple as doing an article about hamburgers for a small mom and pop restaurant in your neighborhood, or as large as a network marketing that you thought would be nice to join. You may want to limit these types of things because you don’t want your audience to be bored. (Am I boring you? Did I see you yawn?) Okay, we are almost done with this.

Affiliate Marketing

Then there are things called affiliate marketing. This is fun. In my opinion, you can go almost anywhere, promote a product, and get paid for it. (You are now a middle man/lady.) This is exciting! Do you have a favorite shop? Check them out online, go to the bottom of their page and see if they have something called affiliate. If they do, click on it. Sign up. Most of the time it does not cost anything to sign up. You should already have your blog up and running when you do this. And have an idea of what your site is about. Don’t be like me and start up your site and then have to go back to the affiliates to tell them what your site is about. When I first started this, I wanted to make money so bad that I forgot why I wanted to do my site. Not a good thing. I found out that you have to have a reason or description of your site to sign up to be an affiliate.

Okay. Now with all that said, let’s begin a blog. Okay? There are classes you can take, I know school again. But you can start for nothing, does that help? Go to Wealthy Affiliate, right now. Sign up. Go to the “get started” course, if you already know how to do most of this stuff and you have all your ducks in a row.

ducks in a row and one looking out

(Not literally! I am not giving you ducks.)

And start your blog! If you don’t really understand or you don’t have a niche yet, go to Wealthy Affiliate and start the Bootcamp. This will help you.

Any Questions?



Have you failed?


One of the worst things I find is that people, especially college students, feel like they fail a lot. Some people think that they should not do things because they fail. But success is a bunch of failures that are put together to make something work for you. This is my idea anyway. failure is the key to success

In an article from “Faculty Focus”, there is an article about Failure is an Option.

In this article, it explains that failure is the best teacher. In that article, it talks about how the person failed at doing home maintenance. Now can you imagine that? Let us see, what did he do wrong. Here is my version of failing at home intense.

Fixing pipes: Okay there is a pipe with a hole in it. Let's repair it. Okay, what to do. Go to YouTube and look up pipe repair. He falls asleep during the video because it is boring. He tries to watch it again. He misses a step. His wife comes over and says "Honey, did you figure out how to fix the pipe?" In which he replies, "Oh, yea. Simple. I can have it done in a matter of minutes." He gets his supplies and goes down to fix the pipe. He forgets to bring the glue down to put the pipe together. He figures that is not important. So he goes and replaces the pipe. He gets done and looks at his handiwork. Turns on the water and what happens? The basement is flooded! Something wrong. Okay, failure. Go back to the drawing board!

Okay, so that is a simple little funny failure. But we are faced with failure all the time. The problem is that when we fail in school we are reprimanded. Teachers say we should not fail. We should pay attention and follow directions to pass the course.

those who try and failOkay, but the way to learn something is to fail at it. Teachers in school, College as well as the lower levels of school, teach students that failure is a bad thing. So students have  a hard time in school. Failing in school is just one of the things that really is not supposed to be reprimanded.

Everyone is not good at everything. Everyone who tries and fails is not bad. So if you are in school or anywhere else, and you fail at something, congratulations! You are among many famous people.

Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, and even some of our US Presidents were failures. So you are in good company. Difficult roads

So what do you do when you are failing? Learn from it first of all. Then realize that you are not perfect. No one is. There was only one perfect person on Earth and he was killed for that. Jesus Christ was the only perfect person. So if you are here on Earth, you will make mistakes, you will fail! This is the truth.

Now that does not mean to go out and intentionally fail. You must do your best at what you are doing. Put your best foot forward, fall down a lot, but get yourself up and get back on that horse! Try, try, and try again. This is how you succeed.

So, you want to learn more about failures and failing? Or should I say taking Challenges? There are several books on that topic. Some of them include:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki
  • Entre Leadership by Dave Ramsey
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins

These are just  a few books on how to overcome failures and make money too. Or should I say that you could make money, but they teach you about how they failed. And how they overcame things. And you can too! Okay, now for a break. These are some funnies that I found and thought you would enjoy.

Break time!


So here is some humor for you.

Now for some college humor.


Are you having trouble with people following you?

Here is a video on why people don’t follow you.

Are you failing?


Fun is what you need in life. Work for a living at what you like! No matter what you do, do something that you are interested in. Now that you have seen my site, well, I hope you learned something and had fun.

One last thing….
Any lasting comments?

Scholarships and Grants: Money For College

Ways to Get Money

dollars and centsThere are many ways to get money for college. Some of them include scholarships, grants, and other things.

Although some of these may not help in the extras you need for college, they can help with getting books, paying for the college and getting what you want out of college. But there are grants out there that are not for college. Did you know you could get a grant for almost anything you want to do? You don’t need to be a student in college to get these grants either.

Here are some links to different ways to get money from scholarships, grants, etc.

Grants include:

There are so many out there that you can search all day long to get some. These are just a few to look at.


Here are a few scholarship links that can help for finding different scholarships that are out there:

Scholarship money

  • Fast web
      college scholarship finder

    • Scholarship directory – helps to  find scholarships that fit your needs.
    • Listing of scholarships for students. This link gives you a listing of the different type of scholarships that are out there.
    • Scholarship owl – helps you to apply for a lot of scholarships at once.  This site helps you to find scholarships. Check out this video:scholarship owl

    There are many different ways to find scholarship money. These are just a few of the scholarship and grant ideas that I have. If you have any ideas let me know below. I would love to include your thoughts on my site. Include any comments you have about finding scholarships or grants below.