Making Money in the Summer

No Summer Classes!

If you are not taking classes in the summer, you will want to make money to be able to spend in the fall.  Or if you want to try to get a little extra money for all the parties and extra curricular activities at school. You would like to take your friends out and go to your school’s Football games or Basketball games , right? You cannot do that without money.

So, What are the different ways to make money in the summer?

Well, you could go and get a job. You can search online and fill out applications at a variety of sites. Some of these include:

Other ways include selling online.

Some places that you can sell online include:





My Own Business! Really?

Or you can build your own website and promote your own niche.

Here is a free way to start a website: (Learn with this website.)

Wealthy Affiliate

Here is a reduced way to start a website: No education with this one. This is just a hosting site. But may work for you. This is something you have to decide.

There are many ways to get summer money. These are not all inclusive.



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