What is Mindfulness?

no right or wrong way to think

What is mindfulness you say? Well, it is the engagement in the present moment. It is a state where you are not thinking, reflecting, judging, or deciding. You are just experiencing your available experience.

So are you on autopilot? Do you just go about and do the same thing every day? Get up, brush teeth, take shower/bath, clean up, eat breakfast, go to work, and not even think about what is around you? It is like going through the motions and not taking the time to see what really is around you. stop acroneme

Sometimes it is helpful to be on autopilot, but there are times that you should stop and as they used to say “Smell the roses.” Experience what is around you at that particular time. What are you missing? What is around you that you have not noticed before?

If you stopped and did nothing for a minute would your mind drift to what happened in the past? Would it drift to the future? How far in the future or past? Can you bring your mind back to the present?your body present future

Do you have the experience that you suddenly “woke up” and realized you were not in the present? How often does your mind drift off to the past or present?

Skills of Mindfulness

Well, this person told us that there are a number of skills made up of mindfulness. Those skills include:

mindfulnessAwareness – learning how to focus your attention on one thing at a time.

Nonjudgmental observation – looking at your experiences in a nonjudgmental way – which is looking at things in an objective way as opposed to labeling them as bad or good, pleasant or unpleasant, valuable or worthless.

Being in the present moment – part of mindfulness is being in touch with the present moment as opposed to being caught up in thoughts about the past (ruminations) or future (worry).

Beginners mind – understanding that every moment in time is unique. For mindfulness, it focuses on being open to new possibilities, new things, new surroundings, and new experiences. it is looking at things the way they are instead of the way they should be.Save


Practice Mindfulness

A way to practice this is to get an object, a coffee cup, pen, or any object, hold it in your hands and allow your attention to be fully absorbed by the object. Observe it, don’t examine it, just look at the beauty that is in it. Feel it sense it with all your senses, smell it, touch it, look at it, listen to it. Your conscious observation can give you a feeling of being awake. This will release thoughts of past or future worries. Experience the feelings you get. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes.10 ways to practice mindfulness

Your experiences

Now write down your experiences. What happened? How did you feel? Did it give you a new sense of what you want to do? Did it give you a new perspective on the way you live? Are you refreshed?mindfulness circle

Okay, when we did this exercise, we were renewed with a positive experience. Ready to conquer the world. So, if you do this, let me know how it helped you. Or if it did nothing for you, let me know that too.


It is supposed to be an exercise of focus and well-being. Something that I think in our fast world that we often forget to do. If you get stuck on something, worry about something, or just plain have so much stuff going on that you don’t know which way is up, try this exercise. See if you can get your focus back. See if it helps you.

mindfulness for daily lifeLet me know your thoughts on this. Does it help you to stay focused on your studies? Will you be able to use this to get ahead in your classes or in your pursuit of life? What is your opinion? Does it help you to decide on what course of action you will take when looking for money? Would you use it when making your website in Wealthy Affiliate or other areas?












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