Festivals and other markets

Other ways of making money include making crafts or other things and selling them at festivals, craft fairs, or other markets around. First, you want to start in local areas. Then spread out to other places.


So how do you begin, you ask? You think up an idea that you want to do. Are you talented in making crafts? Music? Art? Food? Trinkets? how-to-be-a-craft-fair-successWhat type of crafts do you want or like to do? Do you crochet? Knit? Bead? Make clothing?

craft-fair-tips-and-ideas-imageThis can be a part of your niche, or it does not have to be. It is something that you want to do for extra money or just for fun.

Take your talent or preferred artistic ability and bring them  to life.

Ask the questions first. If for example, you are good at art, what kind of art do you do? Do you have a talent in clay? Do you have a design ability with clothes? Do you make clothes? Do you make stills? Do you like drama? Are you an organizer? Do you have the talent to draw or paint? What do you enjoy about what you do? What kinds of things do you want to do? What is your passion? What is your desire? Will it help you in your studies? Can this help you with your studies? Can you build models? Are you talented in multiple areas?questionable face

Then you decide what you are going to make. For example, let’s say you are good with clay. You like to make clay pots. You come up with a clay pot that will help people keep things organized, oh and if you have this talent let me know because I am the least organized person I know, anyway, back to the pot. You make this wonderful pot. Now you want to market it. You do this by making a few of them.

Decide what it cost you to make the pots. How much was the material? How long did it take you to make them? How many can you make in an hour, day, or week? What is your time worth? Can you do it between class?christmas-craft-booth

Next, check out the internet or local newspapers and find a local festival or selling market. Find out how much it costs to set up at the market. This is important because you want to make money not loose it. Prices usually range from $20.00 up to several hundred dollars for each event. So you want to have this price in your head before the festival or market date that you will be showing off your talent.

Now you say you don’t have the money to set up at the market, right? Well, that is why you want to build a website. Go to Wealthy Affiliate, or any other site, and learn how to build a website. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you have never built a website before because the information on that site will help you to build a successful website. The training is great and you also can talk to people and get their ideas on your site or ask questions about anything. You can build a free website around your talent.Go make money

You then want to check out Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, and other sites to see what similar items are selling for. You will also want to go to the festival or market where you plan on selling your items and seeing what they have similar things sell for.

Another thing is if you are going to provide or prepare food items, you must have a health inspection done in your area. There is a lot of things that have to be done for food items. I don’t recommend this, but if you want to do food, which is always a big seller at festivals, make sure you check your state’s health regulations before doing this.

If you are going to be doing anything with music, make sure your music is unique. You don’t want to be shut down for infringement rights on music. I have had friends that were totally devastated because they thought they had the permissions from various artists and found out later that it was not their place to give the okay to perform or play the music.

Now you are ready for the festival or market. You have prepared yourself and you have checked out prices and availability of items.  You have gotten all the permissions you need or inspections done, you will be ready for the festival.

If you are going to provide a service for people.

Canal Days

Another way of making money is selling crafts at Canal Days in Metamora Indiana.

I went and it was fun. Got to see a lot of people from different places. Friends that I had not seen in a long time were there as well. It has been a really nice weekend too. Lots of sunshine. The first day it was hot. Then the next 2 days were cooler. But all 3 days were sunny and bright. Beautiful day to be outdoors.

Didn’t make many sales but did sell some things. Either they did not want my stuff, or I had it priced too high, or maybe it was the fact that this was my first year selling. I will try again next year. Hopefully, it will be better.

This is basically what it looked like in Metamora this weekend.

Here are some interesting things about Metamora, Indiana for those who know nothing about the place:

This is a postcard that shows different places around Metamora.

This is a place where they sell cookie jars and the best ice cream in town. The lady in the red shirt is named Connie. She is the one that oversees most of the events that are held in Metamora. Starting next weekend is the Haunted village. So just after getting Canal days finished up, she gets the Haunted Village going. She is also one busy lady. She is also the sweetest person that you would ever meet.

This sign tells about the canal. I cannot do any better than that.

Not sure if you can read this, but it tells about the aqueduct. From Wikipedia it says this about the Duck Creek Aqueduct: (Figured I would give you the best description of it from the Wikipedia dictionary.)

Duck Creek Aqueduct, also known as the Metamora Aqueduct and Whitewater Canal Aqueduct, is a historic aqueduct carrying the Whitewater Canal over Duck Creek in Metamora Township, Franklin County, Indiana. It is the only surviving covered wood aqueduct in the United States as such it is a form of covered bridge. It is a single-span Burr through truss aqueduct and measures approximately 90 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 25 feet deep. The original aqueduct was built between 1839 and 1843. The present structure was built in 1846, after the original aqueduct was washed out in a flood. It was strengthened in 1868, and repaired in 1901. After abandonment and deterioration, the Duck Creek Aqueduct was restored to its present appearance in 1946-1949.[2]

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014.[1] It is located in the Whitewater Canal Historic District and part of the Metamora Historic District,

Here is a picture of the waterfall and Gristmill in Metamora. It is a beautiful waterfall up close. And the Grist mill still works. They grind up corn and other things. They sell them there too. You can actually take a tour and watch it in action. Which is neat to see,by both the kids and adults.

And the boat ride in Metamora. This is no ordinary boat ride though. This boat is pulled by horses. The horse walk down the train tracks when the train is not running or is on the run and will be back before the train gets back. It is a nice relaxing trip.

Shuttle train in Metamora.

Through train in Metamora by Grist mill.

Here is where the train lets you off. This is the train from Connersville.

Most of the pictures above, that are not specifically about canal days, were not during Canal days. During Canal Days this town is covered with vendors and people.

Well, I found out that there is a Rock man who is looking for someone who likes to wire-wrap and do things with rocks and gemstones.That is good. Maybe I will set up next to him next year. That would be neat. Talked to a lady who does little crafts this year. She seemed to be making a lot of money, but she had a lot of little cheap things. That is what was going this year.

A lesson that I learned is not to be discouraged about what sells and don’t have expectations because things will never go as planned. Just keep at it! Don’t give up. That is what to do. Never give up. Look at the positive things that happen. That is the object of the game. Look for what happened the best and learn from that.

I did sell some of the key chains that I made. Pokemon key chains, Spider-man key chains, and Star Wars key chains went pretty well. Some rings and necklaces did also. But not as much as I would have liked.

Next year, I will know what to expect. That was my day in the life of Canal Days. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too. And hope to see you at Canal Days next year.

AWeber Review

AWEBER ReviewAweber square

Website: aweber.com
Price: first 30 days free, then $19.00 per month. There are other options as well that are higher priced.
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

AWEBER , Product Overview

An general overview of what the product is.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Lots of videos for getting started.
  • There is an area that helps you with getting started, getting the list together, and getting a newsletter together.
  • Will help you to keep track of your email subscribers
  • AWeber helps with getting a start-up page and putting a link onto your website.
  • They offer an email option to get started.
  • AWeber has an affiliate program

The Bad:

  • Can be confusing to the beginner. But there is training so that helps.
  • At first glance it looks confusing

Who is AWEBER For?

AWeber is for keeping track of emails people send to your website. Subscribers are people who will come to your site and be a part of your site they will want to join you if you keep it up and keep working on it.

AWEBER Tools & Training

There are video and walk through training. There are step by step instructions for the site. They can help you set it up. They also will send emails to you to help you get started. This helps.

AWEBER Support

There is an online support to help you with anything you have problems with.  There is a lot of different ways to get support as well. There is a blog, videos, question marks, and a help area.

AWEBER Priceemail

First 30 days are free. This is to give you time to learn how to set it up and to use it. Then it is $19.00. They have other options as well, but that is for when you are experienced and have money coming in to your site.

My Final Opinion of AWEBER

This is a site to help you keep track of your visitors by email. When you ask your subscriber to be a part of your website and further your business you can keep track of the emails through this site.

AWEBER at a Glance…

Name: AWeber
Website: Aweber.com
Price: First 30 days free, then chose from $19.00 and then goes up with amount of traffic to your site.






Live Write Thrive Blog

student studying clipI found this website. It is a great site about writing. It gives you some good information on writing. If you have a passion for writing, or just want to start that book that you have always wanted to write, and maybe even get some money for writing that book, you may want to consider this site. It is called Live Write Thrive. I am going to try it. I have never written a book before so this would be a good thing to try.

laptop taking notesIf you have written a book or want that book that you have always  wanted to write you may want to try this site out. It has a lot of interesting articles from writers block to how to publish your book. It also has some tips for writing better. Something we can all improve upon. This is another way for you to start making money. So if you enjoy writing, or just want to try something different, you may want to try this site. It is a little different than Wealthy Affiliate in that with Wealthy Affiliate you can make a website. Oh, and you can combine the two. Write your book, publish it, then make your website and sell it on your website. Ever think of that? Well, that is today’s blog. something to think about.

Your own non-affiliate business

The video below shows you how you can start another type of business.

light bulb brainIt is a different kind of business than we have discussed on this site thus far. It is another way that you can earn money for school. This is a business that you will want to keep up even after you leave college. Once you start it, you will love it! You will not want to stop. But, I will warn you, this will take time. Anything you do will take time. So don’t think of this as an overnight get rich type of business, because it isn’t. Here are some videos that will tell you all about a company called Youngevity. Let me know what you think about these videos.

Video of a business


Here is a link to the site to get some more information about Youngevity. It is an array of vitamins, challenges, and a business all in one. Something you may want to look into if you are committed to being healthy both financially and physically.


Start your Business. Click on the link below to get more information.

youngevity picture of Marilu Henner




Scholarships and Grants: Money For College

Ways to Get Money

dollars and centsThere are many ways to get money for college. Some of them include scholarships, grants, and other things.

Although some of these may not help in the extras you need for college, they can help with getting books, paying for the college and getting what you want out of college. But there are grants out there that are not for college. Did you know you could get a grant for almost anything you want to do? You don’t need to be a student in college to get these grants either.

Here are some links to different ways to get money from scholarships, grants, etc.

Grants include:

There are so many out there that you can search all day long to get some. These are just a few to look at.


Here are a few scholarship links that can help for finding different scholarships that are out there:

Scholarship money

  • Fast web
      college scholarship finder

    • Scholarship directory – helps to  find scholarships that fit your needs.
    • Listing of scholarships for students. This link gives you a listing of the different type of scholarships that are out there.
    • Scholarship owl – helps you to apply for a lot of scholarships at once.  This site helps you to find scholarships. Check out this video:scholarship owl

    There are many different ways to find scholarship money. These are just a few of the scholarship and grant ideas that I have. If you have any ideas let me know below. I would love to include your thoughts on my site. Include any comments you have about finding scholarships or grants below.