What is a Keyword?

First of all, what is a keyword, you are asking? Well, a keyword is a set of words that help you to find what you are looking for. It could be one word or many words.Keywords are research tools. These help you to find what you are looking for. questionable face

Keywords are just words to help in your research. It could be one word or many words put together to make up a set of words.

Many times you need the perfect word to find a particular subject or a particular item. These can be description words, simple words, or a complex set of words.

Why do you need keywords?

Keywords help you in your research. They help you to find what you are looking for. When you are doing research for school or a project or just for fun, you have to do some research, right? Well, you have to know what you are researching. That is where Keywords come in.Picture of stick figure with mouth open

For example, let’s say you are going to go to a friend’s birthday party and you want to find that perfect outfit to wear. How would you choose? Would you want to buy a new one? Where would you go? Would you just go to the mall and look around for the perfect shirt? This is one way of doing it. What would you do once you get to the mall? Where would you go? There are a lot of stores at the mall.looking in a book old keyword research

So you have decided to go to the mall. Now you need to find a store that sells clothes. You know that at the mall there are a lot of stores. Which store would you choose? Would you just randomly pick a store? If you did this you may end up in a toy store or a pet store. So you want to look for clothing stores.
This is similar to keywords. They help you find what you are looking for. So you don’t end up getting something that you don’t want or getting lost looking for something.

Kinds of keywords

There are different types of keywords. Three main keywords are long tail keywords, short tail keywords, and head keywords. most valuable words

What is the difference, you ask? Glad you asked.

Each type of keyword is used for something different. Just like there are different people in the world, well there are different keywords in the world too. And each type has a specific use.

A short term keyword is used to target large groups and small search engines.

Head keywords are used to generate volume. If you want more traffic to your site, use a head keyword.

dinosaur chart of keywordsLong keywords are used for specific niches or specific market. These are usually longer in length and more specific. They are usually in phrases.

How do I find Keywords?

Have you ever wondered how to find keywords? Has this totally eluded you? I know sometimes I have had trouble with this. There are many places that you can find keywords. When I first started at Wealthy Affiliate, I had no idea where to find keywords. I had no idea what a keyword was.

As I was going through the training on Wealthy Affiliate, I found where to find keywords.

There are many places you can find keywords. Kyle, at Wealthy Affiliate, recommends Jaaxy. This is because that is a free site that helps you find not only the right keywords but can help you figure out what to use as a keyword also.

Try Jaaxy below and let me know what you think.

Keywords can help you in your research

getting the right keyword cartoonKeywords in the old days, before computers, were only found in places like thesauruses, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. Now you can go online and search anything with the right word. You will have to refine your search though because when you put a word in you may end up with a lot of words that you may not want.


Law of Averages


Did you know that only 10% of people reach their dreams? Did you know that there are sacrifices to making money and deciding if you are going to make a success of something or not? Did you know that you have a choice to make? It is all up to you!

I am getting to know more and more about averages. How many times does it take before someone buys something from you, how many people does it take to buy something? It seems to be the same all the way around. Everything I am finding has this.

So what is the law of averages?

It says that 90% of the people will fall behind or not achieve their goals in life. They will not do the things to succeed to make their dreams come true. The will come up short when it comes to their dreams, goals, or anything else in life. And 10 % will achieve success.



So it seems that the law of averages not only works for sales but in everything that we do. There are many books out there that talk about the law of averages. One of these books is written by Stephen Covey called the 90/10 principle. Unfortunately, this is an older book and is no longer in print.

However, there is another good book that is on the market. It is the “Flaw of Averages”.

These are good books. They bring about some things that you never thought about. I had not realized that this is really what happens in life. Everything is based on the law of averages. It is amazing to see that.

My Challenge to you

Next time you are out and about, see how the law of averages works around you. see where it is and where it is not. I will venture to guess that more times that the law of averages will be there.

So, my question to you is are you a part of the 90% that will not do the work or achieve success the 10 % that does? Are you part of the 90% that will not make it work and give up, or the 10% that will persevere and go through the tough times to make it happen? Only you know what you can put up with, how strong you are, and how much you want to sacrifice for your dream. It is your choice. Only you can choose this. No one else can do it for you.

Live Write Thrive Blog

student studying clipI found this website. It is a great site about writing. It gives you some good information on writing. If you have a passion for writing, or just want to start that book that you have always wanted to write, and maybe even get some money for writing that book, you may want to consider this site. It is called Live Write Thrive. I am going to try it. I have never written a book before so this would be a good thing to try.

laptop taking notesIf you have written a book or want that book that you have always  wanted to write you may want to try this site out. It has a lot of interesting articles from writers block to how to publish your book. It also has some tips for writing better. Something we can all improve upon. This is another way for you to start making money. So if you enjoy writing, or just want to try something different, you may want to try this site. It is a little different than Wealthy Affiliate in that with Wealthy Affiliate you can make a website. Oh, and you can combine the two. Write your book, publish it, then make your website and sell it on your website. Ever think of that? Well, that is today’s blog. something to think about.



question markHave you ever just sat down and thought about why you are doing what you are doing? Have you ever contemplated on the why you do things? Interesting question, isn’t it? Are you doing it for self-satisfaction? Are you doing what you are doing for someone else? Are you doing it for the Lord God? Or are you doing it to show others that you can do it? Are you doing it for the money? Are you really loving what you are doing? Are you doing it to achieve success? Are you doing it to pay bills? Are you doing it just to keep food on your plate? Are you doing it to help others? Are you doing it for the betterment of your family? Are you doing it because you want to succeed in college? Why are you going to college? Why are you studying? Why do you want to achieve success at college? Is it for you? Is it for someone else?

who what where when why questions

Well, these are the questions of the day. Why? Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are you setting out the time to do what you are doing? Why? What is your why? Why are you sitting there reading this? Why are you doing what you are doing?

why is motivation circleI have listened to many teachings, read many a book, and listened to some different sermons and a simple thing came to me. Why? The three letter word. Why? Why are we doing what we are doing? What is your why for your business? What is the why in your goals? What is your why in your achievements?

Sometimes you have to prioritize your why. Sit down and take some time to figure out your why in life. Figure out your why in business, your family, your bills, your whole being.5 root causes of analysis

A simple little word which can make you or break you. A complicated little word. Why? It is okay to do things, but why are you doing them?

These are questions only you can answer. These things can change your life. So why are you doing things? These don’t have to be told to anyone. But you have to sit down and write out your why. Figure out what is important and why you are doing it.

simon golden circleSo I leave you with this today, why? Once you can give an answer to that you will succeed. And it is not as simple as it sounds. Good luck and happiness to you all!


Save Review imageLYNDA.COM Review             

Website: LYNDA.COM
Owners: Linkedin

Founders:  Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin

Key person: Eric Robison, CEO
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100, Product Overview

This is an online training library. It has thousands of video training courses. Most of the courses are business, software and creative skills that are taught. The teachers are business experts in the field that they teach. It has several languages that you can choose from including German, French, and Spanish.elearning

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Great learning site. This site you can find most of the training that you want to learn about.
  • It is a great source of education.
  • There are a lot of courses that you can take.
  • They do have a path that you can take and suggestions for different areas to take as well.

The Bad:

  • The bad part is the cost. The money is well worth it for the courses that they teach.
  • It is video learning. They do have a hands-on part of the course, however, that has an additional cost to do the hands on.
  • It does get confusing sometimes to get around the site. But once you know how, it gets easier.
  • I find that if you go back to it a day later or so that it is somewhat difficult to find where you had left off.
  • There are so many courses that you don’t know where to start.

Who is LYNDA.COM For? is for the person who wants to learn more about the internet, business, or almost any learning

LYNDA.COM Tools & Training is a training site so it is all training. The tools include video and if you purchase the higher priced version than you get the hands on tutorials as well.


No community support. It does have a course feedback. Since it is a learning site it really does not need too much support. This site is not like Wealhy Affiliate where you have people to go to ask questions. It is just a video learning site.


LYNDA.COM  has a Trial period for 10 days then either standard $24.99 a month or Premium $39.00 a month

My Final Opinion of

This learning site is very helpful. I like the site. It has videos for almost anything you want to do. It does not have the helpful people help like Wealthy Affiliate has, however, it is good for a beginner to learn different things. This can be helpful to learn the basics of different contents. I would recommend this site as a place to go to for in-depth education for furthering your education and getting business and internet together

LYNDA.COM at a Glance…

Website: LYNDA.COM
Owners: Linkedin

Founders:  Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin

Key person: Eric Robison, CEO
Overall Scam Rank: 95 out of 100


LEGITauthentic gold seal




What is Mindfulness?

no right or wrong way to think

What is mindfulness you say? Well, it is the engagement in the present moment. It is a state where you are not thinking, reflecting, judging, or deciding. You are just experiencing your available experience.

So are you on autopilot? Do you just go about and do the same thing every day? Get up, brush teeth, take shower/bath, clean up, eat breakfast, go to work, and not even think about what is around you? It is like going through the motions and not taking the time to see what really is around you. stop acroneme

Sometimes it is helpful to be on autopilot, but there are times that you should stop and as they used to say “Smell the roses.” Experience what is around you at that particular time. What are you missing? What is around you that you have not noticed before?

If you stopped and did nothing for a minute would your mind drift to what happened in the past? Would it drift to the future? How far in the future or past? Can you bring your mind back to the present?your body present future

Do you have the experience that you suddenly “woke up” and realized you were not in the present? How often does your mind drift off to the past or present?

Skills of Mindfulness

Well, this person told us that there are a number of skills made up of mindfulness. Those skills include:

mindfulnessAwareness – learning how to focus your attention on one thing at a time.

Nonjudgmental observation – looking at your experiences in a nonjudgmental way – which is looking at things in an objective way as opposed to labeling them as bad or good, pleasant or unpleasant, valuable or worthless.

Being in the present moment – part of mindfulness is being in touch with the present moment as opposed to being caught up in thoughts about the past (ruminations) or future (worry).

Beginners mind – understanding that every moment in time is unique. For mindfulness, it focuses on being open to new possibilities, new things, new surroundings, and new experiences. it is looking at things the way they are instead of the way they should be.Save


Practice Mindfulness

A way to practice this is to get an object, a coffee cup, pen, or any object, hold it in your hands and allow your attention to be fully absorbed by the object. Observe it, don’t examine it, just look at the beauty that is in it. Feel it sense it with all your senses, smell it, touch it, look at it, listen to it. Your conscious observation can give you a feeling of being awake. This will release thoughts of past or future worries. Experience the feelings you get. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes.10 ways to practice mindfulness

Your experiences

Now write down your experiences. What happened? How did you feel? Did it give you a new sense of what you want to do? Did it give you a new perspective on the way you live? Are you refreshed?mindfulness circle

Okay, when we did this exercise, we were renewed with a positive experience. Ready to conquer the world. So, if you do this, let me know how it helped you. Or if it did nothing for you, let me know that too.


It is supposed to be an exercise of focus and well-being. Something that I think in our fast world that we often forget to do. If you get stuck on something, worry about something, or just plain have so much stuff going on that you don’t know which way is up, try this exercise. See if you can get your focus back. See if it helps you.

mindfulness for daily lifeLet me know your thoughts on this. Does it help you to stay focused on your studies? Will you be able to use this to get ahead in your classes or in your pursuit of life? What is your opinion? Does it help you to decide on what course of action you will take when looking for money? Would you use it when making your website in Wealthy Affiliate or other areas?