Canal Days

Another way of making money is selling crafts at Canal Days in Metamora Indiana.

I went and it was fun. Got to see a lot of people from different places. Friends that I had not seen in a long time were there as well. It has been a really nice weekend too. Lots of sunshine. The first day it was hot. Then the next 2 days were cooler. But all 3 days were sunny and bright. Beautiful day to be outdoors.

Didn’t make many sales but did sell some things. Either they did not want my stuff, or I had it priced too high, or maybe it was the fact that this was my first year selling. I will try again next year. Hopefully, it will be better.

This is basically what it looked like in Metamora this weekend.

Here are some interesting things about Metamora, Indiana for those who know nothing about the place:

This is a postcard that shows different places around Metamora.

This is a place where they sell cookie jars and the best ice cream in town. The lady in the red shirt is named Connie. She is the one that oversees most of the events that are held in Metamora. Starting next weekend is the Haunted village. So just after getting Canal days finished up, she gets the Haunted Village going. She is also one busy lady. She is also the sweetest person that you would ever meet.

This sign tells about the canal. I cannot do any better than that.

Not sure if you can read this, but it tells about the aqueduct. From Wikipedia it says this about the Duck Creek Aqueduct: (Figured I would give you the best description of it from the Wikipedia dictionary.)

Duck Creek Aqueduct, also known as the Metamora Aqueduct and Whitewater Canal Aqueduct, is a historic aqueduct carrying the Whitewater Canal over Duck Creek in Metamora Township, Franklin County, Indiana. It is the only surviving covered wood aqueduct in the United States as such it is a form of covered bridge. It is a single-span Burr through truss aqueduct and measures approximately 90 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 25 feet deep. The original aqueduct was built between 1839 and 1843. The present structure was built in 1846, after the original aqueduct was washed out in a flood. It was strengthened in 1868, and repaired in 1901. After abandonment and deterioration, the Duck Creek Aqueduct was restored to its present appearance in 1946-1949.[2]

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014.[1] It is located in the Whitewater Canal Historic District and part of the Metamora Historic District,

Here is a picture of the waterfall and Gristmill in Metamora. It is a beautiful waterfall up close. And the Grist mill still works. They grind up corn and other things. They sell them there too. You can actually take a tour and watch it in action. Which is neat to see,by both the kids and adults.

And the boat ride in Metamora. This is no ordinary boat ride though. This boat is pulled by horses. The horse walk down the train tracks when the train is not running or is on the run and will be back before the train gets back. It is a nice relaxing trip.

Shuttle train in Metamora.

Through train in Metamora by Grist mill.

Here is where the train lets you off. This is the train from Connersville.

Most of the pictures above, that are not specifically about canal days, were not during Canal days. During Canal Days this town is covered with vendors and people.

Well, I found out that there is a Rock man who is looking for someone who likes to wire-wrap and do things with rocks and gemstones.That is good. Maybe I will set up next to him next year. That would be neat. Talked to a lady who does little crafts this year. She seemed to be making a lot of money, but she had a lot of little cheap things. That is what was going this year.

A lesson that I learned is not to be discouraged about what sells and don’t have expectations because things will never go as planned. Just keep at it! Don’t give up. That is what to do. Never give up. Look at the positive things that happen. That is the object of the game. Look for what happened the best and learn from that.

I did sell some of the key chains that I made. Pokemon key chains, Spider-man key chains, and Star Wars key chains went pretty well. Some rings and necklaces did also. But not as much as I would have liked.

Next year, I will know what to expect. That was my day in the life of Canal Days. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too. And hope to see you at Canal Days next year.

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